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zero waste solutions

Our business model is based on the conviction that we have to conserve our resources and avoid wastage. Our zero waste solutions mission aims to establish a sustainable basis for meeting the increasing demand for resources from a growing global population and ensure that valuable resources are conserved. We are also rigorous about orienting our own internal processes on sustainability.

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    Managing raw materials in the loop to avoid waste. Interseroh’s achievements here are showcased by the latest issue of the Sustainability Magazine.

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Shaping the future together

A coordinated effort is needed: only then can we develop new solutions with the aim of reusing products and materials, and meet the long-term demand for raw materials. Our partners and partnerships play a decisive role here.

Promoting networking: Economy makes climate protection

Interseroh is an active member of „Wirtschaft macht Klimaschutz“ , a forum from the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Participating companies work to develop practicable solutions for climate protection with support provided by government and academic research. Our work with other companies here is focused on the ‘Circular Economy’ working group, and on closed-loop economy business models, obstacles to implementation and alternative options for increasing the rate of use for secondary raw materials.

Thinking outside the box: Two degrees are possible

Companies have a central role to play in achieving the two-degree target. So what action should they be taking to reduce global warming? The strategy adopted by the ‘Road to a <2° Economy’ initiative is “We achieve more if we work together.” Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it unites a wide variety of industries, specialisms and perspectives with the aim of making progress towards their common goal. Interseroh is playing an active part. Together with around 40 other companies, we are members of this pioneering project that was launched jointly by Foundation 2° and WWF Germany.

Making learning fun

Eko Paka (Polish for ‘eco boxes’) is a project run by our subsidiary in Poland. Libraries across the country regularly receive new packages with which children can learn about saving resources in a playful way suited to their age groups. For 2017, a joint project with Fundacja Rozwoju Dzieci (Child Development Foundation) was also completed, which put together a digital information pack with real-world examples. Another Polish project has also been started in Lesznowola: Green Memo puts the focus squarely on the idea of learning from and with Nature and educates on a range of topics from botany through to the recycling of composites.

Ideas for the sustainable economy

As experts for the closed-loop economy, we contribute our specialist knowledge in dialogue with research, business and the general public. One such activity is the Centre for Sustainable Corporate Governance (ZNU), a joint business and research sustainability initiative based at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. Here, we support the Recycling working group, for example, and the (further) development of the ZNU standard “More Sustainable Business Food”.

"At the same time, the ZNU provides Interseroh with a good platform for exchange with other companies that often provide important stimuli. For example, the idea to establish a sustainability ambassador at Interseroh originated during the ZNU Annual Conference 2015."

Stephanie Thiele Sustainability Manager Interseroh

We also support the following projects:

  • KidS (Köln)
  • Jugend am Werk (Austria)
  • Wiener Tafel (Austria)
  • Aktion Friedensdorf e.V. (Oberhausen, Germany)
  • Erzbischöfliches Kinder- und Jugendheim St. Kilian (Walldürn, Germany)
  • Sponsorship for the Geyserhaus (Leipzig, Germany)
  • „Eco Dragon“ in the School for Disabled Children in Warsaw (Polen)
  • School project in cooperation with our customer Dell (Polen)
  • German Red Cross (giving blood) (Germany, nationwide)
  • DKMS (Germany, bundesweit)