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  • Sustainability 2017

    Managing raw materials in the loop to avoid waste. Interseroh’s achievements here are showcased by the latest issue of the Sustainability Magazine.

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Sustainability at Interseroh

For Interseroh, sustainability has always been at the core of our corporate strategy. We develop innovative solutions in order to conserve resources, avoid wastage and thus promote sustainable business development. Accordingly, we are also systematic about orienting our own business processes on sustainability. And we work every day towards our mission of 'zero waste solutions'.

Sustainable corporate governance  

For Interseroh, sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy. We therefore take personal responsibility in all of our business activities – for our customers and staff, and for the environment and society at large. We take particular care in formulating our sustainability strategy and commission annual reports on our targets.

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Innovative solutions for the circular economy 

Our mission – and likewise our promise to our customers – is to develop zero waste solutions. Solutions that organise materials within a closed loop, extend product lifetimes and design processes to be as efficient as possible. To protect the environment. And for the benefit of our customers.

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Sustainability reporting: transparency creates trust

Our sustainability reporting provides full details of our performance in terms of social and ecological aspects. This enables customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to form an impression of the effects that Interseroh’s business activities have on our communities and the environment.

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Report „resources SAVED by recycling“ – the ecological effects of recycling

Interseroh works to ensure the recovery of valuable raw materials and thereby conserve our natural resources. An annual report published by Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT confirms the positive ecological effects of recycling.

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