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Management of special wastes 

Interseroh also offers the management of wastes not included in the four basic schemes – packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and waste grave candles. 

 Special wastes are wastes where special rules of management apply, i.e. the collection and subsequent management of these wastes can only be done by companies with the proper permits. Interseroh works with an extended network of service providers which have all the necessary permits and provides solutions for all types of waste on locations throughout Slovenia.

Hazardous waste

We provide the removal, reception and management of waste created during the course of business in large enterprises or in individual craft activities such as:

  • Automotive repair shops and body shops
  • Photo studios
  • Printing houses
  • Woodworking workshops
  • Healthcare facilities

Some examples of hazardous waste: waste paint, solvents , acids, emulsions, motor oils, absorbents, cleaning cloths, protective clothing, contaminated packaging with residues of hazardous substances, waste adhesives, photochemicals, colour developers, coatings, thinners, infectious waste.

We can get you a waste code, an appropriate collection container and a favourable waste management offer for every type of waste. Upon reception of the waste, you will be issued a record sheet and a weighing sheet. We also provide consultancy in establishing records on submitted waste and in submitting an annual report on the waste generated in the company.  

Non-hazardous waste

Document destruction

Interseroh ensures the secure destruction of all types of archival documentation. As a company, you must be aware that there is more to the destruction of archival documentation than just the reception of paper. Secure destruction means reception and transport under strictly controlled conditions from the producer to the site of destruction. Sensitive documents are not processed because they are collected in special locked containers that are marked with security codes.

Bulky and construction waste 

Interseroh offers solutions for companies and organisations that occasionally need the removal of bulky waste and building material. Bulky waste includes larger pieces of receptacles; wooden, metal and plastic objects; mattresses, carpets, wooden furniture and builders’ joinery; metal objects (kitchen sinks, radiators, drying racks, hardware, brackets ...); upholstered furniture (armchairs, two-seater sofas ...); sports equipment (bicycles, skis, surfboards ...); sanitary equipment (washbasins, toilet bowls, bathtubs, shower enclosures ...); other bulky items (garden equipment, playground equipment ...). Construction waste includes old plasters, ceramic tiles, bricks, old floorings without insulation, washed paving, inert material (mixture of soil, rocks, sand and clay).

Interseroh offers individual solutions for the reception of bulky and construction waste that is produced during remodelling, renovation, moving and at other occasions, regardless of the amount and place of production. We provide consultancy to companies on how to properly prepare/sort waste material. We accept waste in accordance with applicable legislation and with all relevant documents (weighing sheet, record sheet ...).

For our existing and potential customers, we offer a selection of three different packages containing the following options:

  • bulky/construction waste container rental,
  • organising the reception and removal of material to the landfill,
  • certificate of proper waste reception.

Expired foods and biowaste

For importers, dealers and other producers of biowaste, we offer one-off or periodic pickups of waste such as:

  • Expired foods
  • Biodegradable kitchen waste
  • Waste edible oils and fats

We offer all the necessary equipment for waste collection, organise removal and reception, and provide documentation – record and weighing sheets and other certificates in accordance with the type of destruction. By special prior arrangement, we also carry out commission destruction of waste.

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