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Managing waste batteries and accumulators

Interseroh has set up a system for collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators (WBA) in Slovenia. By joining the common plan for WBA management, the liable persons may transfer the fulfilment of all obligations to Interseroh.

Who are the persons liable?

The person subject to obligations regarding WBA management is any legal person registered in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia that deals with WBA at any time during its lifetime.

What are the duties of the liable person?


  • transferring the obligations regarding the WBA management to a common waste management scheme
  • joining a common plan
  • keeping records of WBA
  • registering their activity at the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS)
  • entry in the register of WBA producers at the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO)
  • half-yearly reporting to the holder of the common scheme
  • paying for WBA management and environmental taxes


  • free collection of WBA from households
  • appropriate labelling of products


  • adequate collection of OBA, separate from other waste
  • correct delivery of OBA to a carrier or collector

What does Interseroh provide you?

  • Collection

    efficient and in line with relevant legislation

  • Processing

    WBAs collected

  • Informing and raising awareness

    about proper WBA management

  • Labelling

    merchant collection points

  • Removing

    of full containers

Printed materials  

We offer a free set of printed materials that you can use to mark collection points in your offices, as well as additional personal training about waste separation. You can find the material on our website dedicated to end-user awareness-raising:

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Pero Maksimović

Sales Manager
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