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Education sessions

In order to share our knowledge with you and help you optimise your waste management costs, we provide education sessions for a comprehensive presentation of the legal obligations in the field of waste products that are covered by Interseroh.

Basics of separate collection and proper submission of waste

Every company creates waste in the course of its business. Waste needs to be properly prepared and delivered to an acquirer who has all the relevant permits.

Where waste belongs and how to handle it properly and cost-effectively are the key questions that we are going to tackle at the seminar. We will focus on the waste that companies most often encounter. Concrete questions and examples given in advance are welcome.

At the seminar, we will also take a look at other obligations, such as ensuring proper reporting and record keeping for all collected waste. Proper management notably reduces the amount of mixed municipal waste that needs to be disposed of.

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Nadja Košmrlj

Environmental Consultant
Interseroh d.o.o.

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