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Education sessions

In order to share our knowledge with you and help you optimise your waste management costs, we provide education sessions for a comprehensive presentation of the legal obligations in the field of waste products that are covered by Interseroh.

Management of waste from various crafts and industries

The regulation of the field of waste is becoming increasingly important, especially in industries where both hazardous and non-hazardous waste is created. We organise thematic seminars on the collection of waste from crafts and other industries.

Seminar attendees will learn about:

  • the obligations of waste producers in accordance with environmental legislation
  • keeping records on waste and record sheets
  • proper labelling of waste
  • the obligation to produce a waste management plan
  • annual reporting to the Slovenian Environment Agency on waste generated in the company
  • penalties for non-compliance with environmental legislation
  • practical examples of waste separation and collection
  • temporary waste storage methods (e.g. waste oil, cloths, filters, paints, car batteries, i.e. waste associated with the performance of a specific activity).

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