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Education sessions

In order to share our knowledge with you and help you optimise your waste management costs, we provide education sessions for a comprehensive presentation of the legal obligations in the field of waste products that are covered by Interseroh.

Extended Producer Responsibility in the field of WP, WEEE, WBA and WGC

At the seminar, we will familiarise you with general legal obligations regarding extended producer responsibility for all waste products that are covered by Interseroh.

Depending on the needs and requirements of the obligated companies, we will present the most important contents in detail, so that after the seminar you will:

  • understand the functioning of the system from public utility companies to processors,
  • know all the key legislative obligations of companies / obligated companies,
  • know how to properly meet your legislative obligations,
  • know how to properly mark products, notify buyers, mark points of sale, keep records,
  • learn about the good practices of efficient organisation of waste product collection, production of reports, keeping of record sheets,
  • understand how the environmental tax is charged, how waste products are classified into the appropriate categories and how to properly prepare for an inspection.

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Nadja Košmrlj

Environmental Consultant
Interseroh d.o.o.

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