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Education sessions

In order to share our knowledge with you and help you optimise your waste management costs, we provide education sessions for a comprehensive presentation of the legal obligations in the field of waste products that are covered by Interseroh.

Properly establishing and keeping records on waste products

As a long-term partner of Slovenian obligated companies, we find that companies most often have difficulties with the various methods of keeping records used to provide evidence of their obligation as well as with fulfilling the obligation to schemes, the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and inspectors.

At the seminar, we will show you how to:

  • properly keep records;
  • efficiently implement record keeping in your company;
  • properly classify individual waste products into relevant categories, such as what is or is not packaging, what is a battery cell and what is a car battery, etc.

We will touch on all waste products that are covered by Interseroh.

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Nadja Košmrlj

Environmental Consultant
Interseroh d.o.o.

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