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Consulting about Waste Management Abroad

Does your company focus on exporting and selling products abroad? Do you know the legislative requirements for managing the waste products you sell abroad?

We will do our best to provide you with all the information needed regarding environmental legislation abroad

Many companies have complex international sales networks. Mastering the legislation on packaging in all networks and abroad is quite a challenge since each country conforms to the guidelines to the market. Each law has a different level of rigor, but companies operating in countries with less developed systems are often not aware that compliance with the regulations is necessary.

The combination of these factors can lead to the failure of legislation requirements and consequently substantial costs, fines or even custodial sentences.

Interseroh is a part of the ALBA International Group which is why we have excellent knowledge of foreign legislature on waste product management. We have prepared some key information about the legislation on waste products management in 28 European countries, and Canada and Turkey.

We offer advice and assistance with carrying out the obligations of waste packaging in Austria, Italy and Germany in accordance with the current legislature of each country. Please send us an inquiry for waste packaging management in other countries.

Do you ship goods in sales packaging to Germany?

Online shops that ship their packaged goods to customers in Germany must ensure they meet the requirements of the new German Packaging act. The law refers to retailers who sell their goods in sales packaging (i.e. mail-order/product packaging) to German-based consumers.

For more information regarding German packaging licensing go to Lizenzero, the online shop for packaging licensing of Interseroh Germany:

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