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Assistance with Recordkeeping

A company must ensure a recordkeeping system of products placed on the market. 

When dealing with a high number of various products, a full inclusion might lead to a disproportionate workload and costs, thus in cooperation with Interseroh in Austria, we have devised a method of random samples which allows companies a simplified calculation of the weight of packaging that is placed on the market. This method has been confirmed in Austria by the competent Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment.

The method of random samples uses a certain number and schedule of random samples within a given period (annual or quarterly) and assesses all the packaging placed on the market. The method of random samples does not define the exact quantities of packaging waste placed on the Slovenian market since it is merely a statistical method. The method of random samples is performed by Interseroh.

We also offer a complete implementation of the activities related to waste products in order to relieve you of the work which is not a part of your business operations (Outsourcing).

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