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Careers at Interseroh – help to shape the future

Anyone who wants to turn our vision of a waste-free future into their career goal is very welcome on board. The career opportunities at Interseroh are as diverse as our recycling and environmental services.

What do we expect from our new colleagues? 

It is crucial that they have a responsible attitude towards work and that they are quality-oriented. We expect our new colleagues to share our values: courage, discernment and commitment to success, innovation based on continuous learning, loyalty to the company, responsibility, professionalism and open communication based on mutual trust and respect.

What kind of people are we looking for?  

We are looking for people who:

  • have a positive attitude and charisma;
  • exhibit personal responsibility;
  • are independent in their work and report to their superiors in case of problems or delays;
  • submit proposals to resolve situations;
  • are innovative and creative in finding new solutions for customers and at customer locations;
  • are systematic and organised in their work and observe general rules such as complying with internal rules and regulating and directing their own work process.

Responsibility towards employees

We know that employees are our greatest asset. We take care of their well-being using various motivational methods. We systematically develop the competences of our staff and listen to their ideas and proposals.

Remuneration and evaluation of employees

Interseroh rewards its employees on the basis of their results and contributions towards operational performance. We have implemented the principles of the Management by Objectives model that supports project organisation and development of individual areas and products.

Education and training

It is important that our colleagues are experts in their respective fields, so we are open to all forms of education that enable their professional development. We are aware of the importance of leadership and communication skills, which are crucial for teamwork, mutual understanding and for managing colleagues with authority.

Other benefits for employees

  • profit sharing as part of the pay system;
  • payment of supplementary pension insurance as part of the pay system;
  • payment of all work-related costs in the maximum amount;
  • favourable working hours because we are a family friendly company.

Ten reasons why you should be part of the Interseroh team 

  1. We are a dynamic team full of energy and enthusiasm.
  2. We are leading the way in new system services in the field of waste management.
  3. In our work, we are innovative and unique, and we want to remain the leader in our field.
  4. We are proud of our work and approach it with the greatest passion.
  5. Our working environment is well-organised, and we take care of our employees.
  6. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and our employees are part of the company's success.
  7. From the start we have been making ambitious goals a reality and following our vision – to be the best.
  8. We take care to strike a proper balance between time spent at home and at work.
  9. We are independent and professional in our decisions.
  10. We know that change is the only constant.